Delivery conditions
Goods travel at the buyer’s risk,  even when they are sold  Delivery Duty Paid , and any Stradedarts’ responsibility ends with delivery of the goods to the carrier. In case of damage, theft or loss of the item, the carrier will refund only the sum resulting by the conditions of the carrier’s contract. It is possible to get an insurance policy in order to cover the eventualities mentioned by the carrier to minimal amounts. Once the purchase has been confirmed by phone and the payment has been set,   Stradedarts will deliver the item required by the client, via courier, to the address indicated in the order form. Usually the delivery in the Italian territory is made within 48-72 hours from the delivery to the carrier (not considering weekends and bank holidays). For deliveries to islands or suburban areas, additional 24 hours are usually requested. Stradedarts will deliver the purchased items to the express courier as quickly as possible and in any case not  later than 24/48 hours after the confirmation of the payment. The courier will deliver the purchased goods within the next 72 hours, at the address indicated  by the customer in the order. Delivery costs are charged to the customer and clearly highlighted when the order is placed. In any case, the days requested for the delivery can not be considered as binding for Stradedarts.

When the good are delivered by the courier, we suggest to check:
–the number of boxes is the same as described in the accompanying document or invoice;

– the product in the packaging is the one that is indicated in the invoice; 

– the packaging is not damaged or wet or otherwise altered.

Any damage or mismatch in the number of packages or any other particular must be immediately questioned by writing to the carrier who made the  delivery.

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